How is this different from previous industry initiatives? 

While a publisher platform is not new, we saw room for change that would better serve Canadian marketers. 

Some other industry initiatives have focused on making remnant advertising available rather than offering premium inventory, which hurt their ability to scale. We've addressed this directly by offering premium inventory through this platform that not only supports publishers, but drives effective performance outside of the open auction, or remnant delivery.

We've partnered with Canadian ad exchange company, District M, to provide proprietary sell-side infrastructure and a custom self-serve platform to make it easier for Canadian advertisers to access premium inventory, almost instantly.

How does this differ from other Private Marketplaces that exist? 

Private marketplaces remain a viable way to buy publisher inventory, and we encourage their use where helpful to advertisers. The difference here is how we've transparently and efficiently packaged inventory from Canada's leading publishers to focus on scale, reach, and transparency. 

What advertising formats do you support? 

We support IAB-compliant ads. Our inventory sizes currently include 300x250, 728x90, 300x600, and 970x250, though we expect to soon expand to video (both instream and outstream), as well as native advertising placements. 

How long is this initiative expected to last? 

The Publisher Platform is a trial initiative and we expect it to last three months while we test with select clients and validate this value proposition. We will use our learnings from this trial to continue to improve the platform, with a view to ensuring that future phases bring further opportunities to benefit advertisers. 

Why did you choose District M? 

We wanted this to be a Canadian initiative, and we wanted independence. District M is one of the leading programmatic sell side providers in the world and is built, employed, and invested in the Canadian economy. 

How does it work? Do I need to come up with a bid price? 

Our mindset was to build a transparent, easy-to-use platform to enable marketers, government agencies and brands a place to purchase and run their digital campaigns. Once you sign-up, you will be provided with account access credentials (username and password). You can then login to the platform and begin building campaigns. With regard to pricing, our aim was to provide clear, transparent, and competitive prices to reflect the value of this new offering. With this in mind, during the trial phase, we've taken a fair bid price and allocated it to publisher inventory to ensure the efficacy of premium inventory, scale, and opportunity to transact across Canadian publishers. We removed the guesswork to make it both as transparent and easy as possible to achieve success. 

Still have questions?

Email an actual person; his name is Mark.