Premium Canadian ad inventory meets innovative, convenient, self-serve technology. 

Premium Inventory

Gain instant, direct access to ad inventory on ten Canadian premium news publishers. Select IAB-standard display formats, turnkey banner creation, or high-impact creative options to drive increased performance and user engagement.

Live in Market in under 30 Minutes

Maple Network Exchange’s self-serve technology, powered by District M, allows you to be in market with premium IAB-compliant ad units in 30 minutes or less. Now that’s fast.

Massive Scale and Efficiency

Enjoy coast-to-coast and non-duplicated user reach across Canadian content and access to up to 2 billion monthly impressions.

Bottom Up Targeting

Tap into powerful targeting capabilities that are easy to use and bolster your efficiency.

Multi-language Support

Launch ads seamlessly in English and/or French markets with full French/English language support.

Transparent Performance

Know where your budgets are performing and on which media platforms with easily accessible performance metrics.


Reach Canadians across multiple premium publishers with confidence on frequency and deduplicated reach.

Comprehensive Reach

Whether you're targeting rural communities, urban cities, or customers in between, Maple Network Exchange gives you access to a diverse range of Canadian audiences.

Easy To Use Platform

Dashboard Tool

Get a quick glance at the status of your campaigns and budget spend in one single view.

Campaigns Tab

Take advantage of this step-by-step, guided approach to setting up your campaign and enjoy the simplicity and speed of a truly self-serve platform.

Engaging Ads

Standard display formats, as well as high engagement creative types to drive increased performance.

Dynamic Reporting

Customize reports to focus on the metrics that matter most to you.